Finlandia University Moving Forward in an Evolving Higher Education Industry

Finlandia University will have to make tough decision when looking at the school’s future. Small institutions such as Finlandia, are facing a financial pinch, with the average American college age persons’ priorities shifting, and resulting problems caused by the pandemic. Finlandia University President, Timothy Pinnow, started on the job last July, and in that time he has begun looking at how the school can evolve going forward, and identifying what areas can be cut back.

“Well, what it looks like for the most part is, the physical plans shrinking. Getting rid of properties we no longer need, and letting them be used for other purposes. There is some shrinking of the faculty, but that has been done mostly through attrition. People retiring, or leaving for other positions. So there haven’t been any job cuts at this point.” – Timothy Pinnow, President of Finlandia University

While speaking in front of the Chamber of Commerce’s Wake Up Keweenaw, Pinnow added that there are some positives to come out of all of the hard conversations. The school desires to focus more specifically on the programs that are showing progress at the school. And how to market to incoming students that fit the culture of the school and community Finlandia University is home too.

“We want to find the student who will thrive and succeed at Finlandia. And different type of people thrive in different types of places. The student who goes to Finlandia is not the same student who goes to Michigan Tech… And so we need to be able to create things and have an environment, and then be known in a way that people who will naturally have an affinity for what we do, where ever they live. That they will be able to find us. And then they will be able to thrive and have a great future because they found Finlandia, and we found them.” – Timothy Pinnow, President of Finlandia University

Last week the City of Hancock accepted a purchase agreement with Finalandia University for the Quincy Green. Finlandia University’s leadership will continue to work on identifying areas that cut backs make sense, and what aspects of the school, are bringing in students. Retooling the university for the future, will be important to how Finlandia University navigates issues presented in the post covid era of higher education.