Josie Edick Named Winter Carnival 2023 Royal Majesty

Winter Carnival’s Royalty competition was filled with laughs, comedy and plenty of fun over the weekend. Eight candidates showed off amazing talents and expressed why they love Michigan Tech’s campus and culture. Last year’s Majesty, Aubree Bethune was joined by Michigan Tech alumni Laura Bulleit. Moving into the talent portion of the night, acts included cooking shows, stand up comedy, dance routines, painting, and plenty of ingenuity. One contestant even paid homage to Big Annie and the women of the Copper Country in spoken word poetry.

“The miner is celebrated for getting ore out of stone, his sacrifice is recognized, and his history put on thrones, and history is ruled by him. But she has history too. More history then soup, pasties, and bread. More history than the work she did with a needle and thread. More history than the clothes she washed, or the soap she spread. The other half of her history needs to be told instead. Because the lives of the miner’s wives is worth more than forks and knives. It is because of her, the word, Sisu, survives….– Lilly Bolliger, Audience Choice and 1st Runner-up

While the judges and audience votes were tallied. The crowd was entertained by the royal court’s escorts, challenging them to a musical guessing game. Blue Key President Joe Dlugos and the rest of the Winter Carnival planning committee, MTU President Richard Koubek, joined Bethune and Bulleit on stage to deliver the final awards, firs giving out Miss Congeniality as voted on by her peers…

“The winner is Lila Johnson!” – Laura Bulleit, Michigan Tech University Alumni and Master of Ceremonies

Emily Calhoun was named Second Runner-Up. Calhoun is a third year Chemical Engineering student from Trenton, Michigan.

First Runner-Up was Lilly Bolliger. Bolliger is a fourth year mathematics student, and will be commissioned as a second lieutenant into an Air Force Intelligence career following her graduation this spring. She is from Wayland, Michigan. Bolliger also won the Audience Choice Award. Winter Carnival’s royal majesty was then presented by Blue Key and President Koubek.

“Your royal majesty. Awesome drum roll this time….Josie Edick!” – Laura Bulleit, Michigan Tech University Alumni and Master of Ceremonies

The new court will reign over this year’s Winter Carnival. While preliminary events have been underway since late January, the annual celebration officially begins Wednesday with the All-Nighter snow statue competition, and the conclusion of the month-long competition. Other highlights include the Stage Revue on Thursday, an appearance by comedian Mikey Day on Friday, the Winter Carnival hockey series against Bowling Green Friday and Saturday, and the Torchlight Parade and SnoBall Saturday night. Check out the entire Winter Carnival Schedule here.