Join the Cryptid Menagerie in the Quincy Mine for a Haunted Tour

Halloween is less than one week away, and the spooky times will get started tomorrow night. Michigan Tech visual and performing arts students will scare and terrify visitors to the haunted Quincy Mine tours. Quincy Mine Hoist Association Director, Tom Wright, says that students have already begun setting up the route for the haunted tours. And he’s heard the calls of creatures like the Wisconsin Hodag, Michigan’s Dogman, the forest friendly Sasquatch and many other north American cryptids.

“But in the past we sort of ran it as like a normal type of tour. You know, with a tour guide and everything. This year we’re going to let it be self guided, at your own pace. The students are decking it out with a sound system, they have speakers. They’re still running cables every which way. My work room looks like NASA, with four laptops in there running effects.” – Tom Wright, Director, Quincy Mine Hoist Association

It’s been a couple of years since the last haunted mine tour, and students are very excited to get back into costume. Each walking tour will take about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. The haunted tour will start with a long rail ride down into the mine.

“And opportunities for creepiness and fun, all along the path the whole way. So we’re utilizing, as best we can, the carved out areas. That had been used in the past to store machinery. There’s the old classroom, and dynamite room.” – Kent Cyr, Associate Professor, Michigan Tech University Department of Visual and Preforming Arts

The first of the haunted mine tours will start at 6 pm tomorrow. And the organizers say that the haunted tour will get scarier as the night progresses. Organizers also suggest that young kids should not take part in the tour, though that is up to the discretion of parents. Check out more information on the Quincy Mine haunted tours on their website, here.