Hancock Planning Commission Enthusiastically Moves the Keweenaw Co-Op’s Zoning Permit Forward

Hancock’s planning commission enthusiastically moved the Keweenaw Co-op’s zoning permit forward. Over the past year the local member owned grocer has preparing to move from their current location on Ethel Avenue to downtown Hancock. Last night’s action by the planning commission moves the Keweenaw co-op one step closer to their goal of bringing healthy food to the copper country.

“Yeah, so the side facing Hancock Street, will have our receiving area, a loading dock, then some offices as well. (Will there be an elevator?) Yup, there will be an addition of an elevator. In terms of retail, and public facing space, will all be on the upper level facing Quincy Street.” – Curt Webb, General Manager Keweenaw Co-Op

The Keweenaw Co – op has nearly reached their capital campaign’s goal to raise one million dollars. Recently the co – op launched their fall capital campaign to raise the remaining two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The Keweenaw Co-op expects that the necessary renovations and construction at the site will take about a full year to complete once started. Find out more about the Keweenaw Co op capital campaign on their website, Keweenaw.coop/relocation.