SME Education Foundation Displays Manufacturing Education Program at Hancock High School

“And that when I’m older, I’m going to use some of the skills I learn in the classroom. Maybe get a job, or just us them if I need them in life.” – Kirby Storm 9th Grade Hancock High School

Students across the state have new opportunities to learn some very important, and applicable skills for careers, in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing. The SME Education Foundation is putting 6 million dollars of state funds into schools across the state to build a pool of young, motivated, and knowledgeable workers for emerging manufacturers in Michigan. Hancock Public Schools students have already begun learning things such as precision measuring, OSHA certification, and robotics.

“We also use a program that’s online called, ToolU. Where they get other certifications, anything from additive manufacturing, to abrasives, to machining. OSHA even. They were all excited because they passed a lot of those certifications. And for robotics. Right now they are learning about manipulators, and intake mechanisms. They’re designing a robot that will compete in one-on-one soccer matches. So they’re also learning about coding. – Kristian Coleman, Hancock HS PRIME Educator

Today the SME Education Foundation and the school invited local manufacturers, professors from various departments at Michigan Tech, and 110th district representative Greg Markkanen to see exactly what students are working on. And hear from them, as to how they hope to take these skills into their future. Coleman says that the connection between the school and local employers has been great, and important to the growth of students.

“I think it’s a great opportunity. And I’ve had already, several of them come up to me, and say, We’d love to have your students come see our shop or we’d love to come in and talk with your students, and I’ve reached out to a lot of the local manufacturers. So we’ll have field trips planned, and I’m excited myself, to see what’s going on out there. And what we can bring back to the classroom. – Kristian Coleman, Hancock SME PRIME Educator

Michigan manufacturers need ambitious, creative and prepared young people ready to find bright futures in advanced manufacturing. SME PRIME courses in schools are supported by the SME Education Foundation, Michigan’s Department of Education and the Michigan Manufacturers Association. Hancock Public Schools are one of 22 new school added to the program this year.