CLK Creative Arts Departments Receive a Special Gift Just in Time for the School Year

CALUMET – This year’s all school reunion in calumet did more than bring alumni home. Wednesday afternoon, CHS/SHHS Reunion Association President David Crowley gifted checks to Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw (CLK) Schools arts, band and theater departments. Each department was astonished by the gifts, and support from the area. With each teacher expressing that the money will go a long way to help students grow their creativity.

“(It’s) Unique for me, coming from downstate. To have a community that not only supports what we do, but is backing it by having an event like they did here, to raise the money, and then provide it for our programs. We are very supported, and fortunate here, in Calumet, with our school. But to have people who graduated before, that want to see these programs not just grow, but thrive.” – Ryan Watts, CLK High School and Middle School Band Director

Ryan Watt’s bands in the high school and middle school received 3,000. Watts hopes to put the money into maintaining students instruments and uniforms. Calumet High School Art Teacher Susan Rosemurgy, also got 3,000 dollars for her classes.

“We have a pretty unique program, I do glass work with students. And it’s pretty expensive material to work with. And, yeah this is going to be great, and help with some our ceramic dreams, that we have too. – Susan Rosemurgy, Calumet High School Art Teacher

And in the drama club, Director Matt Riutta, hopes to take students on a trip to Appleton for a field trip, with the 1,000 dollar gift. As well as purchase other stage items need for the theater department.

“From what I saw it seemed pretty amazing, and I regret not being able to be a part of it. But I’m just very thankful that, we got these funds, because what we do has a lot of expenses. And this will really help make sure we’re giving our students the best experience possible.” – Matt Riutta, Calumet Drama Club Director

Arts departments are expensive to maintain, though they serve an important role for students. The money rose from events during the all school reunion and other association events totaled of 7,000 dollars for arts education. Each teacher is very excited to start the year off with such an amazing gift, from the incredible network of CLK Schools alumni.