Dr. Bob Lorinser Stops in Hancock to Speak with Supporters

HANCOCK – Election season is heating up, and campaign events are rolling out throughout the region. Congressional district one democratic challenger, Dr. Bob Lorinser visited with supporters last Friday at the Orpheum Theater. Lorinser expressed his thoughts on the importance of the intersection between education and public health, from his experience during his medical career.

“… you join the drug overdose department to prevent those lives from being lost. I think education is paramount to that. And you can take those avenues through Michigan Tech, even as an engineer. What does an engineer do? Well, maybe being a bio-medical engineer, and you can invent something that makes our lives better…” – Dr. Bob Lorinser, Michigan District – 1 Democrat Nominee

Lorinser’s fundraiser, was attended by a crowd of 50 residents, and included a bake sale. Dinner was provided for those who attended. Throughout the night, Lorinser joined different tables to talk with his supporters, about what they expect from their representatives in congress. Later in the evening the crowd was entertained with live music.