Sensory Sensitivity Day Returns to the Houghton County Fair

Sensory Sensitivity day returns again for the Houghton County Fair this weekend. Like many festivities the county fair is full of games, amusement rides, animal shows, music and more. But for some loud music, noise and flashing lights can be over stimulating. So everyone in the community can have fun, the Houghton County Fair has partnered with Copper Country Autism Awareness, to host quiet activities on Friday.

“Well we understand there are members of our community who don’t like loud noises. And the carnival is very loud. Lots of music, lots of banging. So the local Autism Awareness group works with us to provide a couple of hours on Friday afternoon for children and their families to come and enjoy the fair like the rest of the community does.” – Kathy Caspary, Director of the Houghton County Fair Board

Children with autism can frequently become overwhelmed by situations beyond their control. And offering a quiet day for people in the community and limiting the amount of flashing lights and loud music, allows everyone to enjoy all the fun that comes to town with the county fair.

“They can go to the animal barns, and see all the animals. They can walk through the midway. We have the senior citizen luncheon going at the same time. They can come see what going on here. They can walk through the exhibit barns. There’s just a lot to do and see, and it’s just quieter.” – Kathy Caspary, Director of the Houghton County Fair Board

The Houghton County Fair opens up at noon tomorrow. And on Friday from 1 pm to 3 pm the fair will have sensory sensitive day. Those who wish to participate in sensory sensitive day must sign up with Copper Country Autism Awareness. Call Jeannie LaBonte at 906-934-2606, or 906-231-9213, or email

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