Mount Franklin Wildfire on Isle Royale is Contained, the Investigation into Source of Fire is Ongoing

The Mount Franklin wildfire on Isle Royale has been contained. The fire remained confined to the six acres that were involved when it was first discovered. The Minnesota firefighting crew that had arrived earlier in the month, left the park yesterday. A park official will monitor the area to make sure the blaze does not rekindle. N-P-S rangers are encouraging hikers to stick to the trail in the fire’s area. Rock cairns have been set up as guideposts. Officials are still investigating what started the blaze. They continue to search for those involved with an illegal fire and associated camp on the Mount Franklin Trail from the evening of August 12th to 13th. If you have any information, please submit a tip anonymously to Isle Royale Park staff by calling or texting the Tip Line: 888-653-0009