Allouez Township Fire Moves into New Home

The Allouez Township Fire Department has finished moving into their new home. For years the department saved money from a township millage to finance the construction of a larger facility to house their truck and equipment. In total the new building cost about 900,000 dollars, and the department did have to take out a small loan.
We’ve been saving for years, and finally we had to, just do it. Because we costs were out-gaining what we were saving. And then we had to finance a portion of it. We’re hoping to pay it off in ten years, I don’t have the figures off the top of my head right now, but we’re hoping to pay it off by ten years. We did receive a small grant from the Portage health Foundation to furnish and purchase some of the things we needed once the hall was built. – John Cima, Assistant Chief, Allouez Township Fire Department
The departments old hall had a number of issues from heating and cooling problems, as well as the building was to small to house all their equipment. And the new facility will do a much better job of that. The department’s Assistant Chief, John Cima, says that you can tell the department is excited about the move.
The excitement from current members, guys that have been around for twenty years, you see them getting more enthusiastic about coming to drills and meetings. You know, the old hall we didn’t have any flor drains and it was so tight. I was difficult to do any maintenance on the trucks. If any ice built up on the doors, in the winter, I mean we were coming close to hitting the top of the truck on the door frame. It was just too small of a facility, and this one meets our needs much better. – John Cima, Assistant Chief, Allouez Township Fire Department The department hopes to upgrade other equipment so they are better prepared for emergencies. Stop by the Allouez Township Fire Department tomorrow night at 6 pm to tour their new hall and meet the firefighters who help keep the community safe. The new Allouez Township Fire Hall is located at 104 Second Street in Mohawk.