State Representative Sara Cambensy Statement

LANSING, Mich. – “While I appreciate Veridea being willing to give a
statement to the public regarding their views on my letter to Honorable Michigan Attorney
General Dana Nessel, I believe the AG’s office will handle the investigation fairly based on the
questions that were asked. The attorney general is the lawyer for the State of Michigan and when
public legal matters arise, they render their opinion on matters of law. They also provide legal
counsel for the legislature, and every state legislative office is allowed to ask the AG for
opinions on behalf of their constituents.
My questions to the AG concern the use of state and local taxpayer funds, the public’s right to
view those documents or methods of communication that elected or appointed members to those
public offices or boards have used in making their decisions, and whether the people elected or
appointed to the public bodies involved used their public position for personal financial gain.
It is disappointing that Veridea Group and Marquette City Commissioner Jenn Hill have released
statements that allege personal attacks against myself, my office, and my intentions for simply
asking questions about this project on behalf of my constituents as their state representative. The
CEO of Veridea and Commissioner Hill are both public officials. The public has serious
concerns about the transparency and details surrounding this project, as well as every person who
voted to approve different parts of this project that either allocated or used public tax dollars.
They have the right to get those questions answered, especially when their own property taxes
were just raised by the Marquette City Commission.
If you are willing to be an appointed or elected public official on behalf of the taxpayers of the
state of Michigan or choose to utilize publicly funded taxpayer programs like brownfields, or
work with charitable arms of public universities as a private entity, the public has every right to
question your decision making and involvement, what connections you have to the groups
involved, and whether or not you have received any financial gain from your actions and votes as
a public servant.
The actions, votes, and financial contributions accepted by elected or appointed public officials
will always be questioned by the taxpayers, including my own as a state representative, as they
rightfully should be. “  Rep. Sara Cambensy (D -Marquette)