Learn About Michigan’s Historic Railroad Network at the Copper Range Depot

HOUGHTON – The Copper Range Depot was the former stop for many trains coming through Houghton, and today is home to a restaurant with a railroad theme. This weekend the Copper Range Depot will have train experts and historians give lectures on various rail related topics in Michigan and the upper peninsula. Last night, MTU Professor Emeritus, Bill Sproule, started the seminars with a brief history of railroads in the copper country.

For much of the region’s history nothing could move in and out of the Upper Peninsula without connecting to the railroad network. Street cars also played a large role in the copper country’s communities. Helping residents find the night’s best entertainment, music and dancing.

The last two seminars at the copper range depot are tomorrow at 1 pm and 5 pm. The earlier presentation will detail the history and future of the Chicago NW 175 train. Which operated locally in it’s hay day, and was moved to Owosso, Michigan recently, by the steam railroading institute. The final seminar will discuss train robberies in Michigan’s history. Tickets for the seminar are eight dollars at the door. Stop by the Copper Range Depot tomorrow to learn about the copper country and Michigan’s extensive train history.