Houghton Celebrates First Annual Bike Day

This morning, bright and early, City Manager Eric Waara joined Tour Da Yoop, Eh!’s Founder James Studinger on a short trip across the bridge, to commemorate the city’s first annual Bike Day. Bike day came about from two residents, highly involved in the tour, and knowledgeable of the vibrant bicycle community in the copper country, asked the city to declare August 2nd as bike day in Houghton.

I think biking is everywhere, but it’s really strong here. We’ve got a strong bike community here, that commute, recreate, and its year round as well. I mean even in the winter time you’re bike-able. I think its just an all around great area for it. – City Manager Eric Waara (EW)
Fat tires, studded tires. I had somebody ask me could I do the tour, the whole tour in the winter? ehhh, I guess you can if you want to. – Tour Da Yoop, Eh! Founder, James Studinger (JS)
I was gonna say that might get towards an Iron Man. – EW
People Do like to bike up here – JS

The Copper Harbor loop marks a sort of half way point on the tour.. And while the two night hotel stay is a favorite of many, the biggest challenges are the large hills cyclist climb during their ride. When the tour reaches the top of Brockway Mountain they’ll be greeted by some local leaders and community members.

There’s like four hills, and the rest is kinda flat. – JS
But they’re really big hills. – EW
But they’re big hills. So it’s kinda a cool day. Cause you’re cruising along, and all of a sudden you gotta climb. A beautiful descent, and here’s another one, and you climb again. – JS
Well, I think today is gonna be nice. You’ve got an awesome day to bike today. – EW
We do. – JS
It’s good to show everybody, what fun you can have on a bike. And these folks are gonna get out and have great ride today. – EW
They are. And today’s like the halfway point for most of riders, and they get to spend two nights in the same hotel. So Houghton is always a fan favorite. – JS

After arriving back in Houghton, riders are invited to the Keweenaw Brewing Company’s taproom for a nice and relaxing evening after 117 miles. Tour Da Yoop, Eh! and Bike Day both look to highlight the cycling community of the upper peninsula and promote bike safety on the roads. Learn more about the rules of the road for cyclist at tourdayoopeh.com/bike-safety.

Michigan Road Bike Rules

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