Stanton Township Residents Will Consider Starting a Planning Commission Tomorrow

STANTON – Over a year ago Circle Power began locating potential sites in the western Upper Peninsula to develop a wind energy farm. Believing the forest ridges near Stanton Township would fit their needs for a small wind development. Before construction can take place, the company encouraged the local municipalities to work on developing ordinances for them to set turbines up with proper setbacks, and considerations for the local environment.

This past Friday, the Guardians of the Keweenaw Ridge held a celebration of their first year together and raise awareness for the upcoming election. Recently the group celebrated the third national environmental group joining their cause, The American Bird Conservancy. In the organization’s letter, they made suggestions to the developer to look for a more suitable location for the project.

Circle Power expects the Scotia wind farm will bring in nearly 16 million dollars in taxable revenue. . The biggest question of whether resident’s electricity bills will decrease is still up for debate. As Circle Power, once power is sold, would have no control as to where that power is sent by UPPCO. The company has also said they plan to spend 4 million dollars with local vendors and crews for the construction of the wind farm.

Tomorrow Stanton residents will vote to determine to set up a planning commission. While the focus is on the Scotia wind farm and circle power, right now. Setting up a planning commission for the township, gives local residents more control over Stanton’s future developments. Houghton County’s population has grown during the past decade, according to the most recent U.S. Census. If the western Upper Peninsula continues to see that type of growth, Stanton Township will be an attractive location for incoming residents.