Marquette County Courthouse

MARQUETTE, MI – With the August 2nd Primaries coming soon, Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma is working to ensure the election goes smoothly. She has overseen the training of seven precinct inspectors, and is working with local officials to maintain election integrity.

Each precinct will hold a public accuracy test for their voting machines to ensure each one is working properly and is ready for Election Day. Members of the public are encouraged to attend these events, and are not limited to the precinct they vote at. For a full list of times and locations call the Marquette County Clerk’s office at 906-225-8330

Talsma also want to educate the public on common mistakes made when voting. She reminds voters to vote along party lines for the primaries.

“Its election law. What we’re doing at the primaries, is we’re whittling down the candidates. Because you can only have one candidate per party when it goes into the November Election”

She also wants to let voters know that there’s a two sided ballot in this year’s primary election, and that voters should educate themselves on the candidates they want to vote for.

For more information on voting in Marquette County, go to or call the County Clerk’s office at 906-225-8330