It’s easy to feel hopeless when faced with millions of people fleeing their war torn homes. Thousands of families make the dangerous journey to get to safety, reliant on the kindness of others for food and shelter. One church in the U.P. has taken the step to aid those they can. The Crossroads Christian Fellowship is working with the Governments Uniting for Ukraine program as well as their community to get one Ukrainian family into the U.P.

Karen Liimatta, the Ukrainian Refugee Program Director at CCF, says that the community has really stepped up to give aid for their cause.

“Many businesses in the area have donated their time or their products” says Liimatta “The community has been very responsive and very generous”

The CCF is holding their third and final fundraiser at Ishpeming’s Italian Festival on July 30th. Volunteers plan to run a booth selling toys, jewelry, and handmade items.

“We had one (fundraiser) at Pioneer Days; we had it (a fundraiser) at Al Quaal for their Fourth of July celebration” Said Deborah Heino, the Women’s Ministry Director for CCF. “Those two were specifically to raise money for the plane tickets”

Heino says that the family will be flying into the U.S. from Europe on July 27th

The Fellowship is also holding a can and bottle drive over the next two weeks. They ask that donations of returnable cans and bottles be dropped off at the church doors in plastic bags to be recycled. The Church is at 101 Oak Ridge Dr. in Marquette MI.

For more information, or to make a donation, go to