Michigan DNR Seeking Public Input on 2022 Wolf Management Plan

Photo by NPS - Jim Peaco. Wolf #3 leaving her crate on Oct.2.

Michigan DNR is seeking input for their 2022 wolf management plan. The plan was first introduced in 2008, was last updated in 2015, and is set for another update this year. Public input can be done through an online questionnaire, which you can find linked below. The plan’s draft includes scientific literature and input from the wolf management advisory council. The update looks to address four main goals, as laid out in the DNR’s draft; maintain a viable wolf population  the state’s forests, facilitate wolf related benefits, minimize conflicts with the species, and conduct science based socially responsible management of wolves. In the mid seventies wolf populations in the state were nearly wiped out. Today Michigan has a healthy population of wolves in the Upper Peninsula, totaling 700 animals. The management plant will be available for comment until August 4th.

Wolf Management Plan Questionnaire

Wolf Management Plan Draft

Wolf Management Advisory Council Website