Marquette and Houghton County’s special election results certified

Marquette County, MI – Michigamme Township will have a new supervisor. Rhonda Boshears won the seat by seven votes over incumbent William Seppanen on Tuesday. Seppanen was recalled in November after he voted to remove a gazebo from an area in the township known as the pocket park.

There were two millage elections in Marquette County, each passed by a large margin.

The Marquette Area Public School’s sinking fund millage passed 2,669 yes votes to 556 no votes. The 10-year continuation of a .9 mill levy is expected to generate about $1.1 million dollars per year for construction and repair of buildings.

The NICE Community Schools’ sinking fund millage passed 697 yes to 237 no.

The 1.75 mill 10-year levy will generate about 1 million dollars annually. The funds are spent on building maintenance repairs and improvements.

The Marquette County Board of Canvassers met Wednesday afternoon to certify the election.

And in Houghton County:

City of Houghton: Craig Waddell will fill the vacant Houghton City Council seat. Waddell narrowly beat Robyn Johnson, 272 votes to 262 votes.  The third candidate, Michael Salmi got 106 votes.

Waddell will serve a partial term left vacant after Dan Salo moved from the area last year.  He’ll hold the seat until the term expires in November.

In Calumet, the question of how a treasurer is chosen was decided by eight votes.  Two residents filed a ballot petition in February to give voters the opportunity to choose the village treasurer. Historically the council has appointed a person to fill the seat.

Voters decided to continue allowing the council to appoint a treasurer by a vote of 43 to 35.

And finally, a five-year, 1.75 mill emergency services millage was passed in Lake Linden by a vote of 115 yes to 24 no.

The Houghton County Board of Canvassers voted to certify the election results on Wednesday.