Copper Country Demonstration Shows Support for Women’s Bodily Autonomy

HOUGHTON – Monday night news broken by politico detailing a decision has been made in the case of Dobbs v Jackson, which has sparked demonstrations across the country. Based on the leaked opinion it will overturn 1973’s case of Roe v Wade. The Burger court’s 1973 decision gave protections to the privacy of individuals seeking access to abortion. Very quickly some local residents gathered in Veteran’s Memorial Park in Houghton last night to demonstrate their disappointment in the most recent news on women’s right to bodily autonomy.

I think its really encouraging because people are standing up for their rights. And I hope it will encourage other people who feel that way, to also support this. Because sometimes people don’t want to speak out, but I think we do need to speak out.” – Jean Ellis, Demonstrator

Since the court decision was leaked protests and demonstrations have cropped up in many areas of the country. From Washington D.C. in front of the Supreme Court building, to right here in the Copper Country. A final opinion has not come from the Supreme Court just yet. The leaked draft of the court’s decision was written by Justice Samuel Alito, and later published by POLITCO. Just hours after the news, Chief Justice John Roberts called for an investigation into the leak. Roberts emphasized that the Supreme Court has a long tradition of confidence from the people, and this leak is an egregious break of that trust.