Keweenaw Wild Ones holding Keweenaw Native Plant Symposium Virtually

KEWEENAW PENINSULA – Keweenaw Wild Ones is hosting the Keweenaw Native Plant Symposium virtually this year. On Saturday attendees can tune in and hear from a variety of speakers talking about the importance of native plants, pollinators, and how native plants help reestablish a region’s biodiversity. Heather Holm is the symposium’s keynote speaker. She serves as the Honorary Director for Wild Ones nationally, as well as works in her community to promote the relationships between pollinators and native plants.

“The idea for a Wild Ones conference is to inspire people to start incorporating native plants into their home gardens. You know a wonderful example is the Monarch Butterfly, and it’s an insect the relies heavily on our native Milkweed. And so that’s a really recognizable relationship. But there are thousands of additional relationships that people can learn from, if they start incorporating native plants into home gardens.” – Heather Holm, Keynote Speaker, Keweenaw Native Plant Symposium

The Keweenaw Native Plant symposium starts with a seminar from Carolyn Miller. She is followed by, Michelle Wietek-Stephens and Keynote Speaker, Heather Holm. People interested in hearing from the three speakers likely include those interested in home gardening, local farmers interested in how pollinators can help crop production and those generally interested in learning about Michigan’s native biodiversity. The symposium will start at 9am on Saturday.

Keweenaw Native Plant Symposium