Emergency Medical Responder Training Opportunity in the Copper Country

STANTON TOWNSHIP – Emergency Medical Responders fill an important gap in time for patients. These folks are residents, just like you and me, who volunteer to take that call.  They’re on the scene of an accident or medical emergency to give comfort and critical care, and sometimes even help save a life. In May, Jonathon Stone, will train Copper Country residents to become emergency medical responders. An EMR is a first responder who has completed the first level of training.

“This class then has to meet minimum standards that are set out by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. That is the national body, that governs EMS education. And then the state of Michigan, our state system has adopted several advanced skills. And given them to these Emergency Medical Responders because, I think specifically because of rural communities like ours.” – Jonathon Stone, Training Officer, Stanton Twp. Fire Dept.

In a place like the Upper Peninsula, it’s all about geography. Sometimes people live and work far away from medical care.  Paramedics need time to respond to an emergency EMR’s can help with that. Emergency medical responders can start basic medical treatment before the paramedic gets there. They fill a crucial gap between the time an emergency call is made and e-m-s arriving on scene.

“There are lecture portions and practical skill portions. The lecture portion are basically, just, information download, understanding the basic concepts, and principles. The bulk of the class revolves around the practical skills training. Using Mannequins, working with each other, bringing in people from the community that we can practice on. For things such as, broken bones, immobilizing fractures in all kinds of ways, treating burns and cuts, abrasions.” – Jonathon Stone, Training Officer, Stanton Twp. Fire Dept.

The deadline to sign up for emergency medical responder training is April 30th. Training will start May 7. The class is limited to 20 people. Anyone interested in signing up should contact their local fire hall or emergency response team.