Stargazing in Michigan’s U.P.

Marquette – International Dark Sky Week kicks off April 22 – 30th. This presents the perfect opportunity for stargazers, junior astronomers  Night owls, sightseers, late-night drivers and adventure seekers alike to discover the night-time skies mysteries. The U.P. has a unique perspective when it comes to dark sky viewing. A lack of light pollution and its location in relation to the North Pole, makes the UP an ideal stargazing and Northern Lights viewing point. The Lyrid meteor showers will be visible from April 21-22. This meteor showers are the result of Comet Thatcher passing by with its debris. You haven’t seen this comet in your lifetime, and your children will not see it again in their lifetime. Found in 1861, the Thatcher comet takes 417 years to travel around the sun just once! It will pass Earth’s orbit before going 110 astronomical units away — about 110 times farther from the sun than we are. You will see this comet near Andromeda’s constellation. Forty-five years from now, the comet will finally reach its farthest point and return back, all at a turtle’s pace.


These are the best places in the Upper Peninsula to watch the Stars