Copper Harbor – Popular trails are re-opening for mountain bikers this year thanks to the re-purchased property by the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  According to the Copper Harbor Trails Club, Flying Squirrel, Woopidy Woo, Bullwinkle, Raptor Ridge, and the Danimal trails will re-open on Memorial Day Weekend.  Last year a large amount of Copper Harbor’s High Flying trails were Closed because the property at the time was under Keweenaw County’s insurance. The Copper Harbor Trails Club and the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge re-purchased the property adjacent to the lodge.  The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge then agreed to a trail easement that will allow the trails that were closed last year, to re-open.  For the upcoming Summer, the Club has created new signage for the trails to make it easier for biker’s and hikers to navigate the trails. Many of the trails that are re-opening are some of the most difficult trails that the Club has to offer. Once the snow melts workers will be tasked will cleaning up winter and erosion to the trails to prepare for a new season of adventure. For more information visit the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge at