UP City Fest is returning again this August. The fun in Calumet is their third stop on their four day tour around the Upper Peninsula.

Lifelight will also hold events in Ironwood on August 23, Iron River on August 24, and Marquette on August 27.

UP City Fest is one of many events Lifelight CEO Josh Brewer has put together, but he said that coming to the Upper Peninsula is always an incredible time for him and the performers

And that was over in the parking lot, right here in the heart of Calumet. And it was incredible, we had an incredible turn out. And were looking to build upon that foundation we started, with the incredible community that is up here.” – Josh Brewer, Lifelight CEO

Dr Matthew Songer believes in the spirit of what life light and up city fest can do for people.  Organizers hope the events will help people to forget their worries and troubles, and take a few moments away from the stress of everyday life.

For example, Ill tell you a story from here last year. I ran into this guy from Texas, he got on his motorcycle. He saw this event going on, he pulled over, and his life was changed. He said he was kinda going for this solo ride, and suddenly, you know, his life had meaning again. That’s the exact words from his mouth.” – Dr. Matthew Songer, Lifelight

UP City Fest is a free public event. The event in Calumet on August 25th is hosted by Campioni’s True Value Hardware on US-41. This year’s tour is headlined by Stunt Dudes, illusionists David and Teesha Laflin, Phil Joel of the Newsboys, and Cade Thompson. For more information on up city fest visit lifelight.org/upcityfest.