Ask a Cop: Will I get pulled over for doing 5 miles an hour over the speed limit?

IRON MOUNTAIN – Today may be April Fools Day, but to the police, speeding is no joke.

One Iron Mountain viewer asks, “Is it legal to go five miles per hour over the posted limit?”

We asked Michigan State Police Trooper Geno Basanese to clarify this issue.

“So, that’s … kind of and interesting one. We get asked that actually quite a bit, when it comes to the whole “five over.”  And the speed limit is what the speed limit is,” Basanese said. “But are you … going to get pulled over for five over? Probably not.  But every officer is going to use their discretion depending on road conditions, depending on the volume of traffic, depending on the weather.  So there’s a lot of variables that go in it. But just the speed limit is the speed limit.”

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Thanks to Trooper Basanese for answering this week’s ask a cop questions.

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