The Kids are Already Excited for the Houghton County Fair

HANCOCK – The Houghton County Fair is still a few months away, though the fair committee is already seeing a lot excitement for this year. Especially from the youth in the community. Each year the market livestock show and sale sees many kids bring their hogs, sheep and goats to the fair grounds. Because of a large amount of interest from the kids, the fair committee is asking that everyone interested in showing their animals at the fair fill out a declaration form. The form is being put in place to help the committee get prepared for the increased interest. The committee will likely need time to add additional pens and start a waiting list for this year’s fair livestock market. A copy of the form can be downloaded from the fair’s website and must be submitted to the fair committee’s office by March 15th. Their office is located inside the Houghton County Arena in Hancock, near the fair grounds. Youth between the age of 7 and 19 are eligible to participate in the 2022 Houghton County Fair livestock market show and sale.