One Acts Performances Return This Weekend to MTU

HOUGHTON – One Acts are returning to the McArdle Theater on Michigan Tech’s campus. The performances are put on by a mix of community members and students.   Visiting Assistant Performance Professor, Kristy Dodson is leading the effort. Dodson says the student-written acts follow more mature themes, and dare to tell stories of young women and minority communities.

Dodson says that the McArdle Theater offers a different experience for performers than what they can do in the Rozsa Center. The theater is like a black box, which allows the performers more flexibility for their sets, and more intimacy with the audience.

Despite the weather last weekend the first set of shows were well attended. She said both the audience and performers enjoyed the experience. This weekend looks to be much of the same. The plays  cover topics like race, LGBTQ+ issues, and drug addiction. Dodson said to think of the show with a PG-13 rating. Tickets cost 15 dollars for adults and 5 for kids. Show B will play tonight and again on Saturday. Show A will return on Friday night, all three performance start at 7:30 pm.

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