The woman at the center of a Delta County puppy mill case is in trouble again.
An 11th Circuit court Rebecca Johnson from Rock guilty of a bond violation on Tuesday.
Police say she brought a dog to the Negaunee vet clinic with the intention of breeding it in January.
The Michigan State Police seized 69 puppies, 66 adult dogs and 18 horses were from a residence in Rock in August of 2020.
Johnson is suspected of running the operation. Johnson was arraigned before the 94th district court in delta county for animal cruelty in august 2020. The case has been bound over to the 11th circuit court in delta county for a jury trial in may 2022. Johnson was placed on bond pending her court appearance.
She was sentenced to a month in the Delta County jail on the bond violation.
Once released, Johnson will not be allowed to own or care for any animals or live with anyone who has an animal.
She will be subject to a law enforcement search at any time until her jury trial, which is scheduled for may of this year.

In all, after 100 puppies were born at the Delta County Animal Shelter, over 250 animals were rescued in the case.