HANCOCK – Hancock residents were advised to “Let it Run” last week. The city put a “Let Run” policy in place on February 11th. Residents who participate will be turning on one cold water faucet of their choice on a constant trickle. The practice keeps water moving during the winter. It keeps homeowner’s pipes and city water mains from freezing in frigid temperatures. City customers who apply can run up to 11,000 gallons above their average monthly usage. City Manager Mary Babcock said joining the program is very simple for residents.

“When we declare a Let Run, a resident just needs to fill out a form agreeing to our policy. And then as we work through the next two months of billing, they get a credit on their billing up to 11,000 gallons a month. It will be until spring, usually middle of March, end of March. As people call they just join in the process. It’s not something that has a specific date, because a lot of residents don’t have the need to run their water.” – Mary Babcock, Hancock City Manager

A customer’s average monthly usage is calculated using water bills during a 12 month period. Residents can join the let run program with Hancock by calling to the city office. Depending on temperatures, the city expects the policy to be in place until the end of March or the beginning of April.


The city can be reached at 906-482-2720

Hancock Let it Run Policy