Local Entrepreneur Talks On Importance Of Mentorship

Mentorship is an important part of professional development but it’s not always easy to find a mentor. If you’ve ever wondered where to get feedback or advice on business ideas, a great place to start may be Founder’s Friday in downtown Marquette. I had a chance to sit down with a local entrepreneur who told me more about this weekly event.


Jalen Sims, a local entrepreneur working in the creative space, is one of these people. I sat down with Jalen to talk about the mentorship he’s received from attending Founder’s Friday. Jalen is a young graphic designer with his own clothing line. So I asked him what benefits he’s seen from the mentorship opportunities at Founder’s Friday. Finally I was curious if Jalen felt any resistance his first few times going to founder’s Friday and what he would say to anyone who is curious but has yet to make the effort.