St. Albert the Great Parish Getting in on the Snow Statue Fun

HOUGHTON – They came in first for this year’s al nighter snow statue. But it wasn’t the only structure the St. Albert the Great University Parish on MTU’s campus built an entire snow church. It has become an annual project for the parish, and allows them to offer a few services inside the ice covered chapel. The chapel typically takes about a month, just about as long as the many others statues that you can se throughout campus and in the area.

“We don’t actually submit the chapel as a competition statue. We do the all nighter for the purpose of competing in Winter Carnival. And we just build the chapel because we can. You know, for what it’s worth, my favorite time to celebrate mass is after dark. When we get all the candles lit up, and by candle light, the snow really has the kind of texture and look of fine stone. And those night masses are tremendously beautiful.” – Father Ben Haase, At. Albert the Great university Parish

There are two services left. One tomorrow morning at 10 am. But the one that you might want to makes a special trip to will be tonight at 9 pm. Father Ben says that the night service offers an unique feeling, as light bounces of the icy walls and light up the chapel. Saint Alberts parish is located at 411 McInnis Drive in Houghton.