Mather Inn owners serving jail time related to utility dispute

MARQUETTE – The owners of the Mather Inn in Ishpeming are serving jail time after refusing to turn the power back on for one of their tenants.

Robin and George Baird appeared in Marquette County Circuit Court on February 3 for a sentencing hearing.

Robin Baird was sentenced to 30 days in jail. George Baird was sentenced to a 21-day sentence.

They were ordered to report to the Marquette County Jail to begin serving their sentence on Monday.

The sentence is related to an ongoing dispute with between the Baird’s and Cognition Brewing Company over a utility bill.

Court documents say the Bairds failed to comply with an August 30, 2021 court-ordered deadline to restore power, they were found in contempt at a Sept.24 hearing.

They were also held in contempt for failing to comply with a second order to restore utilities by October 11.

According to Court Documents, George Baird terminated all services with the Upper Peninsula Power Company on Oct. 13, despite the court order.

Clancey’s attorney said the Bairds are also withholding several fuse blocks for the property, which are needed to restore power to Cognition.

The power was originally shut off in May, 2021, but the dispute between Cognition and the Mather Inn has been brewing since 2016.

Robin Baird is also facing a criminal charge of felonious assault with a weapon. The next hearing is scheduled on March 10.

She is accused of choking a Cognition Brewing Company employee and cutting his face with a flashlight on May 25, 2021.

The owners of the Mather Inn were awarded more than $500,000 in Community Block Grant funds to restore the building in 2015.