Calumet Theater Ready for Their Annual Fundraiser and Film Tomorrow Night

CALUMET – The Calumet Theater Company will be showing an eighties classic tomorrow night. Brewster’s Millions will be featured as the company kicks off another season of fundraising. Theater officials have adopted some fundraising changes this year, but organizers hope the new additions will encourage community involvement and interest in the theater.

“Well the coll thing is some people are already stoked, because of  the raffles we’ve done before. And i think because this one has the potential to be pretty lucrative for the winner, people will be excited. It’s gonna be, without given away to much information, it will be incurring over the year. Our raffle announcement is going to be tomorrow, February 4th here at the theater. And immediately following the announcement you can pick up raffle tickets at the box office from, likely myself or my co-worker Ariel.” – Leo Coulter, Box Office Manager Calumet Theater Co.

Brewster’s Millions is a film starring Richard Pryor with John Candy in a supporting role. It’s a remake of a 1921 film of the same name. The movie tells the story of a minor league baseball player who needs to spend 30 million dollars and the misadventures that ensue.

“So we really want to work on doing some more restoration to the theater that is historically and period correct. And get back to that, so people can really take pride in it. Its already a beautiful building, but it could be that much better. I have never seen it before, but our board treasurer Michelle, suggested it. And we looked up the synopsis. And its about Richard Pryor having to spend like 30 million in however many days or a day, something like that. So we thought big, win-fall type money, that could be related to the raffle.” – Leo Coulter

Theater members want to engage the community with their new raffle. They said they hope to see many new and familiar faces at the movies. Doors open at the theater at 7 pm, and the movie will start at 7:30 pm tomorrow.


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