Adams Township Asking for Public Opinion on Proposed Zoning Ordinance

ADAMS TOWNSHIP – Adams Township’s Planning Commission is looking for public input on a recently proposed zoning ordinance. Last night residents and invested parties came together at the township building for a public hearing to gather insight into how residents feel about the new ordinance as it pertains to the Scotia Wind Farm proposed by circle power. The new ordinance would set up new zoning districts in the Adams through six new definitions; agricultural, commercial, forest district, recreation, residential, and rural residential districts. Some residents spoke in favor of new zoning, and Circle Power’s Vice President Chris Moore, was also in attendance. He and his company have since provided a statement in reference to the new ordinance. In the statement by Circle Power, the company points out errors that the township’s board has made when moving too quickly to set up the new ordinance and other municipal legislation. Circle Power also mentions that no matter what the new zoning definitions become, they can still comply with the ordinance to develop the Scotia Wind Farm. Adams Township will have their regular board meeting next Monday, on the 6th, starting at 6 pm.

Circle Power Statement following last night Adams Twp. Public Hearing;

“We are proud of the Scotia Wind project, which will bring millions of dollars in new tax revenue to Adams Township, Adams Township Schools and Houghton County. Scotia Wind will also create opportunities for local contractors and provide record-breaking low-cost electricity to the region. We carefully designed the project with 3,000-foot property line setbacks, and it is almost a mile from the nearest existing home.
“We recognize the right of Adams Township residents to pursue zoning, but it must be done fairly and transparently. Unfortunately, in its rush to pass an ordinance, the Board is running roughshod over the property rights of every owner in the Township. Further, the Township seems bent on doing in six months what most townships take years to accomplish: establishing a new zoning commission, appointing commissioners, preparing a five-year master plan for future development, approving that plan, drafting a new zoning ordinance for future land uses, and approving that ordinance.
“The Adams Township Board has called this rushed zoning process ‘zoning light,’ but fails to acknowledge that it would impact not just Scotia Wind, but every property and land use in the Township. More importantly, the proposed ordinance lacks legally required provisions that protect property owners from overreaching government regulations. If approved, there would be no limits on the Township’s zoning authority.
“We urge the Board to correct course and do things the right way, to encourage economic development and provide certainty to all current and future Adams Township residents, property owners and businesses.”
Adams Township Proposed Ordinance