UIA calls for expanded federal overpayment waivers, says 1099-G forms will be sent by end of February


Federal partners are helping the Michigan Unemployment Agency (UIA) on behalf of Michigan’s workers on unemployment benefits overpayments and for collection activity related to non-fraudulent claims filed during the pandemic. UIA has asked for additional waivers from the U.S. Department of Labor to ensure that no one is negatively impacted for doing the right thing.

“We continue to work with our partners on an issue that other states across the country are also dealing with and we call on Congress to quickly devise a solution that will help Michigan’s working families,” UIA Director Julia Dale said today.

The UIA has endorsed the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) and in a letter sent to congressional leadership, is encouraging Congress to act by passing legislation that would allow for a state to waive non-fraudulent pandemic unemployment compensation overpayments. UIA asked for and was approved for an extension from the Internal Revenue Service. UIA advises benefit recipients that program changes related to waivers granted in 2021 will cause the Agency to issue 1099-G tax forms at the end of February.

“Our top priority is ensuring that Michiganders have the most accurate information when completing their taxes,” Dale said. “This additional time will help us get the correct amount so taxpayers can complete their state and federal tax returns.”

Once 1099-Gs are ready, they will be posted to the UIA website. If you have a (MIWAM) Michigan Web Account and have requested your 1099-G, you will receive it on your MIWAM account as an electronic copy. If you have not requested an electronic copy you still can.

• Log into MiWAM.
• Under Account Alerts tab, click “Select a delivery preference for your Tax
Form 1099-G.”
• Click “electronic.”
If you are a claimant but haven’t requested an electronic copy, you will have your 1099-G sent through the mail.
Once processed, the electronic 1099-Gs can be accesses online in that format:
• Log into MiWAM.
• Go to the “I Want To” heading.
• Click on the “1099-G” link.
• Click on the 1099-G letter for the 2021 tax year.