Truckers Unite Canadians During Anti-mandate Rally

The anti mandate protest continues in Canada as thousands of citizens and long haul trucks have rallied in Ottawa.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Canada’s capital on Saturday to protest vaccine mandates, masks and lockdowns. The sounds of honking horns echoed around Ottawa’s downtown core.

Unfortunately Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, surprisingly came down with COVID just as the protests started to gain attention. “This virus affects us all. Two of my own children have now contracted it. And this morning I learned I I tested positive for COVID-19 as well. I feel well and have no symptoms. Of course, I’ll be working remotely this week and we’ll keep following public health guidelines.” Trudeau said.

With the unfortunate timing of his illness, the prime minister is isolated at his home, which may be the reason he seems confused about what is happening in his capital. Prime Minister Trudeau went on to denounce the protests “Freedom of expression, assembly and association are cornerstones of democracy. But Nazi symbolism, racist imagery and desecration of war memorials are not. It is an insult to memory and truth. Hate can never be the answer. Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked and frankly disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital.

It is unclear at this time which symbols of hate Trudeau is referring too because an overwhelming majority of reports and footage from the protest shows thousands of peaceful, enthusiastic Canadians doing their civic duty of making their voices heard.