NICE Community Schools/Police seek source of online rant

The Nice Community Schools District is working with the police to find the source of a violent online rant.

“It was brought to our attention that someone was posting online under the username aspen westwood . Aspen Ridge is our elementary school and Westwood is our high school,” Nice Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine said. “And then the image that they were using for their profile picture was our Patriot logo. So they had written some weird things about shooting and killing and making a movie, and it was just brought to our attention because people thought we would want to know…. In light of the Oxford  incident downstate and school violence in general, we know it’s something that ‘s on people’s minds.  So we just wanted people to know that we had been shown this weird post and it did obviously have something to do with our school considering they were using our image, our logo and our name.  We just wanted parents to know that we were on top of it with local law enforcement, and we are taking it seriously.  Although local law enforcement and our staff don’t believe its a credible threat, it’s just some general ranting about violence. We felt that we were safe that we would stay in school in person  The police have been here physically, just to look around and make sure everything is okay, and we feel that we are safe and sound for now.”

DeAugustine said both schools remain open for instruction.