Guardians of the Keweenaw Ridge Continue to Push Back Against Circle Power

The Guardians of the Keweenaw Ridge responded once again to attempts by Circle Power to develop the Scotia Wind Farm in Adams Township. As Circle Power continues to work toward developing a wind farm in the region, the company has suggested a large amount of tax revenue, lower utility costs, and minimal impact on residents’ property values and well being. Circle Power believes that their development has a life span of 30 years, which would provide $15.9 million in tax revenue during that time. While the Guardians have noted that the majority of turbines for wind energy projects last closer to 20 years. The community action group notes too that the promise of lower utility costs for resident may be misleading. The Guardians say that DTE Energy’s rates can be used as a potential guide into looking at wind energy’s effects on consumer rates. Downstate DTE receives about 10 percent of their energy production from wind, and utility rates have not decreased since the company began producing some wind energy. The Guardians also believe that wind turbines cause property values to be devalued and are impactful to a person’s mental and physical health. Circle power has introduced a website for the Scotia Wind Farm, which includes more detailed information on the location for each turbine, economic impacts and more. Visit if you would like to learn more about the potential development from Circle Power.

Guardians of the Keweenaw Ridge