Calumet Theater Co. Able to Find a New Insurance Carrier

Late last year Calumet Theater Company’ s insurer pulled their policy, after previously filing agreeable terms. The insurer heard rumors of more damage to the building, than what they were led to believe. The theater company’s board president, Dan Jamison says that those rumors damaged the theater’s ability to receive insurance coverage.

“It turned out that the carrier that we had, was uncomfortable with insuring the theater, because there was a bunch of news that went out about flooding and damage, and stuff like that. Which was incorrect. It was difficult to convince the previous carrier that all the stories they had heard were incorrect, and they didn’t want to come up and visit.” – Dan Jamison, Calumet Theater Co. Board President

Jamison says the building does suffer from condensation build up in certain areas. A lot of the condensation is a side effect of the building old heating system that is original to the site. Jamison went further to say that the condensation is fairly common among structures with similar heating systems and age. Calumet Theater did host their grand re-opening with a showing of It’s a Wonderful Life a couple weeks ago. To which Jamison said the event went well.

The Theater Company has found a carrier that is located closer to home, which has given them a better policy. The theater is waiting on a final report from Upper Peninsula Engineers and Architects so the company can begin to apply for restoration grants to work on the building and restore the early 20th century feel.