Residents Set Up an Emergency Phone Line Along a Remote Road for Emergencies

Ed and Faye Wakeham love their little camp outside of town in the Keweenaw. But with the remoteness of the area, comes some problems for outdoorists and those that need emergency help. So the Wakeham’s decided a few months ago to work with the Houghton County Sheriff to set up a emergency phone on Little America Road in Stanton.

“This phone right here, , it says emergency on here and stuff, and down below is a sign that says “Picking up phone will dial 9-1-1 automatically. So I wont be picking it up, cause then it’d call over there. But if you pick it up, itll dial right away within three seconds it’ll go to Marquette County Central Dispatch. So if someone does use it, they don’t need to ask al kinds of questions. They’ll know on their computer that this is all set up for 9113322 Little America Road. So help will arrive.And if you have a medical [emergency] too they’ll call Mercy Ambulance. Which is like 13 miles away or or they’ll call the Stanton First Responders. And they’re on the road within two minutes.” – Ed Wakeham, Hancock Resident

Houghton County Sheriff Joshua Saaranen is grateful for the additional emergency line to a remote section of the county, and the tremendous initiative from a member of the community. With the dense a pine forest that surrounds the area, cell phone signal can be a problem for people looking for help. Ed remembers one time that a fire had started in the area, and as he went around to neighbors home to warn them, he found that many didn’t know what was happening just down the road.

“We had a fire here one time, a brush fire. And I went to five different houses. Either no one was home or they didn’t have (a landline- Faye Wakeham). They only had a cell phone. So it was kinda scary. Maybe about a year or two ago, there was a guy who’d fallen off a four-wheeler. That we helped him up and he went on his way. Then my son was snowmobiling and there was like a bunch of wolves that were surrounding him up the road.” – Ed Wakham

The phone line is located about a half a mile down Little America Road, off of Superior Shores Road. It calls directly to MSP’s Negaunee dispatch. And is very well marked in its location. Thank you Ed and Faye Wakeham for getting the vital tool set up for people that need help as soon as possible.