Copper Harbor Named a Top Ice Fishing Destination in 2022

If you’re looking for a fun winter activity that might end with a delicious meal, ice fishing might be the answer. Copper Harbor is known for some of the best fishing spots in the Keweenaw. In fact, said Copper Harbor is one of the top five destinations for ice fishing in 2022.

Most of the inland lakes in Copper Harbor, like Lake Fanny Hooe, have likely frozen over. Local fishing guides do note that Lake Superior likely won’t have enough ice on it to safely fish until later in the season. But most of those inland lakes are ready to go. And Barnett said there is a variety of fish to catch in Copper Harbor all season long.

Ice fishing is a sport that begins before an angler hits the ice.  It’s best to prepare equipment ahead of time. Those who are unfamiliar with the area should plan on working with a guide who can help to find a great spot to reel in the fish. Also, you can’t go ice fishing without a license. You can buy one from any from any local sporting goods store in Michigan before you head out. For anglers in the Keweenaw, 2022 looks to be a great time to get out on the ice.