The USDA Rural Development Authority is making a major investment in the Upper Peninsula. In conjunction with 3 other projects, the USDA will put 3 million dollars in water and sewer infrastructure into Torch Lake. Projects in Ontonagon, Negaunee and Sagola in Dickinson County were also approved.

Torch Lake will use the funding to create new seepage lagoons and upgrade existing ones.

The 3 million dollar grant is a major financial win for the area because Torch Lake will not be required to pay the money back.

The USDA’s rural development projects in the Upper Peninsula are large and much needed improvements for the region’s sewer and water infrastructure. The Negaunee project consists of a 5.5 million dollar loan. The development in Ontonagon will be a 1.2 million dollar grant with a 700,000 dollar loan. And the final project in Sagola is 730,000 dollar grant paired with a 529,000 dollar loan for the township.