Community Solar is Paying Off for L’Anse and Legislation in Lansing Could Expand Similar Projects in the State

Community solar projects are an innovative spin on renewable energy. Electric customers can invest in the solar panel project to reduce electricity costs for consumers.

A few years ago, the village of L’Anse began planning the development of a solar energy generation project Village Manager Bob LaFave said residents have seen numerous benefits from the project.  Village leaders say they hope this is a starting point for other community solar projects.

LaFave says that the benefits of their solar project have outweighed the cost.  In the Michigan House of Representatives two bills sit in the energy committee waiting on further discussion that open up opportunities for municipal solar. Many environmentalists throughout the state want to see the legislation move forward and onto the state senate.

Community solar projects aren’t the only innovations that could make Michigan a leader in clean energy production. Representative Greg Markkanen said he supports the bills.  He has also introduced his own legislation that would lift the cap on energy produced by single family homes with solar panels.

Most supporters of House Bills 4715 and 4716 hoped that the state’s House Energy Committee would discuss the legislation by now. You can contact your local representatives to learn more about community solar and its impact.

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