Frozen Cup in Baraga and L’Anse Starts Today

The Baraga Chamber of Commerce is hosting their first youth hockey tournament in a long time starting tonight. The Frozen Cup brings teams from around the county and surrounding areas to face off in two of Baraga County’s biggest arenas. Meadowbrook Arena in L’Anse and the Baraga County Arena in Baraga. The Chamber of Commerce wants to invite everyone out for a great time and great sport says Debbie Stouffer

Youth hockey teams across the Upper Peninsula have many choices when it comes to tournaments and the chamber of commerce is happy to be one of those chosen by the 15 teams participating this weekend.

Games go all weekend starting tonight. Champions will be crowned on Sunday for each category. The last game of the weekend will start around 1:30 p.m. The First Frozen cup tournament in Baraga County is sure to be a great time and an opportunity to see all the things to do in the Keweenaw Bay area.

Keweenaw Bay Frozen Cup Game Schedule