Ishpeming Elks Loge Christmas Dinner

The Ishpeming Elks Lodge will be hosting a community Christmas dinner, free, for the community along with a delivery service available by calling 906-451-4951. Gwinn, Sawyer, and Little Lake residents can call 906-360-7069.


“So I have been a part of the the community Christmas dinner for 14 years. This is the 15th year for the dinner and we are looking at another fabulous year. I have amazing volunteers that come in and help. On the 23rd we we go in and we prep all of the turkeys and we get the ham ready and the cranberries cupped up and stuff like that. and then we are there bright and early on Christmas morning and and getting everything moving along. And we will start packing up our deliveries about 930 in the morning so they can hit the road by 10-1015. And then we will have dine-in from 1130 until two. “


For information on how you can help the Ishpeming Elks Lodge contact them at 906-486-6890.