Driving in the Winter Safety Tips with Michigan State Police

Snow, ice and slush are just a part of winter driving in the Upper Peninsula. And even though winter is in full swing in many areas, driving to the next town is still very much part of resident’s daily routines.

What’s the best way to keep your vehicle on the road during the winter? And, in case you get stuck, what should you have in your vehicle at all times. Trooper Colin Pennela from MSP Calumet Post has the answers.

If your car is stuck on the road, state police say the best thing to do is to wait near your car.

Evaluate traffic and then begin to shovel out 2 to 3 feet of snow in front of your vehicle. If you have rear wheel drive, it may be a little more difficult, but shovel out the same distance from of the rear wheels. Then using a light foot on the accelerator, begin to rock your vehicle back-and-forth in drive and reverse. Using items like sand, cat litter, or rock salt can also help to get you out of the snow. But if all else fails staying warm is your biggest priority until a tow truck comes. (aren’t you supposed to make sure your exhaust pipe is not blocked if you are going to run your vehicle to stay warm?)

Being prepared for winter driving and knowing what to do if you get stuck on your route can help save your life. By outfitting your vehicle with good winter tires and having a safety plan in place, you can drive throughout the upper peninsula this winter with confidence.

Items to keep in your vehicle:

– Snow brush and ice scraper

– Warm clothing and/or a blanket

– Food, like granola bars or trail mix

– First aid kit

– Flashlight

– Sand, cat litter, or rock salt

– Spare phone charger

– Something to keep your mind occupied while you wait  for a tow truck, like a game or puzzle book

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