Mount Bohemia Ski Resort and Lac La Belle Lodge Court Date Set for Late December

Two businesses in Lac La Belle will meet in court December 21st. Mount Bohemia Ski Resort filed for trade mark rights for the name Mount Bohemia back in August last year. In April of this year the ski resort served cease and desist orders to the Lac La Belle Lodge and Bear Belly Pit to remove apparel with the term from their shelves. Lonie Glieberman, President of Black Bear Incorporated, the parent company of Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, says that the dispute over the trademark is much more of a formality.

The goal for each of the businesses is the same, promoting and bringing in more economic activity to the Keweenaw Peninsula. Glieberman says that when lodging is full at the resort, staff often point toward Lac La Belle’s many businesses, including the Lac La Belle Lodge, for patrons to find a place to rest nearby. The result of the trademark dispute will take time, but the hope is that all parties will come away with an understanding.