Lac La Belle Lodge Opens Up about Trademark Controversy

The town of Lac La Belle has had a long history with the geological formation Mount Bohemia, ever since the Bohemia Mining Company first struck earth in search for copper ore in the 1800’s. Today the mountain serves as the location of the Mount Bohemia Ski Resort. Who has begun legal steps to trademark the hill’s name and prevent other local businesses from using “Mount Bohemia” on apparel. Lac La Belle Lodge owner Troy Westcott has been at the center of the legal battle.

Westcott expressed that Mount Bohemia Ski Resort has helped the area with bringing in tourist through the winter. Though the majority of “Mount Bohemia” apparel that the lodge and pit stop sells is bought more often during the summer months. When the ski resort is not in operation.  .

Mount Bohemia Ski Resort has offered a merchandise program with other shops, where the ski resort will sell their apparel at other locations than the hill. And only take a portion of profits from the sale of those items. Westcott says that this program was offered only after the legal battle started. And thinks that the idea for the merchandise program only came after backlash from local residents supporting the small businesses.