If you’ve lived in the Upper Peninsula for very long, you know that this Monday a lot of vacation and sick days will be used.

November 15th is the opening day of Michigan’s regular firearm deer season.

In 2019, 364,000 deer were harvested in the state of Michigan.

While it is a day that parents use to bond with their children, it is also important to remember to prepare for a safe and successful hunt.

“Let somebody else know where you are going is the biggest thing and when you intend to return,” said DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell. “That way is something happens, somebody has an idea of where you are and when you intended to come back. So that is a good pre-cursor before you hit the woods.”

Roell also provided some tips on staying safe once hunters are in their natural habitat, the woods.

“When you are in a tree stand, wear that harness. Before you bring a gun up on that rope, make sure it is unloaded and its pointed in a safe direction regardless of even if it unloaded,” said Roell. “Make sure the barrel is pointed down at the ground. The other thing is knowing your surroundings. A lot of times people are going into their blinds in the dark, so having a good headlamp or flashlight with you so you aren’t going to fall. Don’t load your firearm until you are seated in your blind.”

From all of us here at ABC 10 and CW 5, have a great opening day!