Toys-for-Tots Donation Boxes Set Up Across the Copper Country

The holiday season is coming up fast.  One of the familiar sites at this time of year are those toys-for-tots donation boxes around the Copper Country.

Toys for Tots Coordinator Jim Mattson said donations have already been set up throughout the peninsula. Often in places residents stop in the course of their everyday lives.

Mattson said Christmas time is one of his favorite times of the year.  He added that seeing the joy on kids’ faces is worth all of the hard work of putting together a campaign of this size.  Toys-for-tots works with the state to locate children whose families may be struggling at Christmas time.

Mattson said in order for volunteers to begin matching toys with kids around the area, the organization hopes to pick up donations around December 11th. Toys-for-Tots is a nationally recognized campaign. Last year across the country the organization distributed 20.2 million toys to nearly 7.4 million kids.

If you would like to donate, but can’t make it to a Toys-for-Tots drop off visit